Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vegan Beauty Products

Just wanted to share a few quick pictures of some recent purchases. I decided I would update my products slowly. When something runs out, I will buy a new version (if needed) that is vegan/cruelty free. I was interested in upgrading my products to less toxic versions even before I started eating vegan, so this is exciting. (Does anyone else get excited about soap? I might be weird.)

So far my favorite thing is the Hugo Naturals Shower Gel. It has a great light scent (but not too strong) and works well. I love it and am totally buying more from this brand. It's awesome that it says vegan right on the front!


Next on my list is going to be replacing some of my makeup items. I use a lot of Tarte products now, which are cruelty free, but after some research I found out that not everything they carry is vegan. Thankfully my favorite lip tint is... but I need to find a new type of concealer and mascara.

Any recommendations on brands for makeup or other beauty products?

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  1. I love natures path also ! I use a product called the green beaver. It is really nice, it is an all natural product, I use it for my hair and I really like the lavender hair shampoo. I think I might try your grapefruit shower gel !


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