Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vegan Food Swap: September 2012

It's time for the September vegan food swap reveal!

The vegan food swap is a wonderful idea created and organized by The Verdant Life.
You get matched up with a person and send them a box full of your favorite vegan foods. It's a great chance to try new things and meet other bloggers!

This month I sent a box to Theresa over at Zesty Vegan. I hope you enjoyed your treats!

I received my box from Livvy at 86Lemons. Check out what she sent me:

• True North Almond Pecan Cashew Clusters
• Bob's Red Mill Natural Granola
• "Let Them Eat Vegan" by Dreena Burton

Wow, of course my favorite thing was the "Let Them Eat Vegan" cookbook! There are so many recipes that sound amazing and I can't wait to start trying them out. You can see the Raisinet cookies from the book in Livvy's post here. Yum!!

Thank you so much for the great vegan swap box, Livvy!

If you want to join in on the vegan food swap fun next month, you can sign up right here.


  1. wow- what a great bundle of goodies! i'll have to look into the natural brm granola- i wonder if it's gluten-free. it looks delicious! and you can never go wrong with a cookbook by dreena!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Have fun trying some new recipes :)

  3. so cool! i have been reading great reviews of the book. seems like the book has gorgeous pictures too!

  4. Lucky you! Let me know how you like the cookbook- it's on my wishlist. :-)

  5. Oh my goodness I sent Let Them Eat Vegan to my food swap. Funny that two minds think alike.

    I hope you enjoy it, it really is a wonderful cookbook.


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