Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Flashback


I finally made it to Linger in Denver! We went for lunch and the food was amazing. The building used to be a mortuary (see the sign above) and even though the inside was completely re-done and looks awesome, they have kept some of that theme in the restaurant which is kind of funny. We ordered the sweet potato fries to share, and then my choice was the pad thai which was delicious! It had tofu, butternut squash and papaya in it. Yeah. I know. Crazy good. We then ventured over to Sweet Action to get some chocolate ice cream for dessert!


Here are a few other random recent photos:
1. Vegetable sushi roll and sweet potato avocado roll at Sweet Ginger in Cherry Creek.
2. French bread pizza with bell peppers and vegan pepperoni
3. BLAT with tempeh bacon
4. Have you tried this ricemellow creme? It's insane!
5. Minestrone soup for a snowy day

Have a great weekend!

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