Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Flashback - Philadelphia

I just got back from my trip to Philadelphia! I got to visit with 2 of my best friends and it was quite the adventure since we were not sure if we would be affected by Hurricane Sandy or not. We ended up still being able to go out and explore quite a bit before the weather turned bad, and we were lucky and didn't loose power. We tried out a few of the places on my list, and found some other great places as well!
Miss Rachel's Pantry offers catering and lunch delivery, and is open for brunch on the weekends. They also do a farmhouse dinner on Saturdays with a fixed menu for up to 12 people. We were able to go for brunch on Saturday, and everything we tried was great! I'm lucky my friends like to share food! We tried the wheatball hoagie, butternut squash soup, and maple-walnut french toast casserole. Everything was delicious but I think the french toast was my favorite. We also tried some of the coconut bacon (awesome) and grabbed a gooey brownie for the road! Definitely worth a stop in if you are near by!
On Tuesday after the storm had passed over and everyone was venturing out again, we walked to Rittenhouse and tried out Hip City Veg for lunch. If I lived there, I would be going to this place ALL the time! It is a small place with a focus on fast-food inspired fresh vegan food, and everything we tried was awesome. Pictured above is the Crispy Hipcity Ranch sandwich and the Jerk Caesar Salad. We also split some sweet potato fries which are great. I highly recommend trying this place out! It's perfect for a quick lunch while out sight seeing or wandering around.
Here are a few more random photos and food stops on my trip.
1. Vegan Brunch Wrap from Sabrina's Cafe with grilled seitan and mushrooms.
2. Black Bean Burger from Local 44 in West Philly. Fun place!
3. Risotto with Squash - homemade when we were camping out inside.
4. The Thinker - in front of the Rodin Museum.
5. Delicious sushi from Dasiwa in Fairmount.
Alright people. We now have to talk about Vedge. This restaurant was the #1 stop on my list, and one of my friends had been there for happy hour and was so excited to take me there. First of all, the inside decor is cozy and classy, which was perfect for the rainy night we went. Second of all, it's similar to tapas with the food coming in small plates sizes, which is great for sharing. Most importantly - every single thing we tried was AMAZING. I know there are already tons of rave reviews about Vedge, but I can't help but add mine. Pictured above is the autumn squash pierogies, fresh hearts of palm in a garbanzo crepe, grilled seitan with creamy parsnips and english peas, smoked eggplant & cauliflower, crispy brussels sprouts and spicy cauliflower from their "dirt list" (appetizers) and the dessert is the cheesecake with figs and pistachios. I can't even tell you which was my favorite because I couldn't decide. I kept declaring each new dish was the best yet. I think most of us at the table all agreed the pierogies were extra delicious. The cheesecake was probably the best I've ever tried too. It's a little pricey so it would be a great spot for special occasions, but if you are just in Philly for a trip, do not miss Vedge! Trust me!

Overall it was a great trip! I love visiting Philly and found some new favorite restaurants this time around too. Have you been to any of these places? Any other Philly faves I should try next time?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like a very delicious trip o: And your pictures are soo beautiful... <3
    (I'm always a bit unsure, when taking pictures at restaurants, because some rude guy shouted at me once, because my camera did this little clicking sound... He could've simply told me ): ... )

    1. Thank you! I usually just take photos with my phone's camera when I'm out in restaurants. I'm sorry you got yelled at! =/

  2. So happy to have found you through the fig tree ;D
    This looks like such a fun trip ~ all these food shots are making me hungry ;)
    Off to check out more of your yummy foods.

  3. Oh yum! Looks like you had incredible food! :) I am so bummed I never made it to Philly :( I ended up getting super sick with the flu in NYC (the last 3 days) and we had to cancel our plans. We'll definitely have to make plans to meet one of these days (sooner than later). *HUGS*

    1. Oh no!! I am sorry you got sick on your trip. That is never fun. I hope you still managed to have some fun in NY!


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